Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Can't believe my luck

Today couldn't have been better - except if I were being paid for it of course.
I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting a very knowledgeable and kind man who also happens to be a casting director for the last 30 years. We met over lunch at the Wooden Fork, a very country chic cafe' in Glendale that reminded me so much of home.
It turns out that this casting director and I shared a lot in common, including living in Northern California. It was refreshing speaking with him because he was completely honest with everything he said, and he shared a lot of insight about the industry from his own point of view. The lunch was an invaluable asset to helping me in my career. He even invited me to join him for a few free seminars so that I can learn everything I can on such a small budget.
He even gave me a book that he had in his car, "Think and Grow Rich," by Napoleon Hill. He said that though it was intended for salesmen, he believes it will help me acquire the following and wealth I'll need as an actress.
He's a realist, and mentioned that actors have the least amount of money but have to spend so much of it in order to get their resumes, head shots, and training. That's why he wanted to give back to the actors by having free sessions with other notable directors and writers. When I mentioned that it was tough having to film my own reels, including one I just did on Friday with Murphy, he even offered to direct me!
I really couldn't believe my luck. What a wonderful, genuine man. I wish I could say more about him, but I don't know how he'd feel knowing he was on my blog. All I can say is, I look forward to meeting him again and can't wait to learn more about the industry. I'm cracking open the book that he gave me right now. 
On another note, I just found out that my talent agency that represents me commercially is interested in representing me theatrically because of a positive recommendation. I have to go in an do a few monologues to get them on board. Of course I'm nervous, but it's more of an anxious I-cant-wait-to-see-what-they-think type of nervousness. Wish me luck.

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